Publishing to Review 360, Web, LMS Issues

Sep 17, 2020

I'm currently having a problem publishing to Review 360, Web, and LMS.  I am able to publish a single module however I receive an error message "We're sorry, something went wrong with Articulate Storyline and it might close."  This has been going on for a few days.  The .story file is large with over 100 slides, not sure if this issue is occurring due to the size but another individual on my team is not having the same issue that I am having.  I have uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted and shutdown my computer and I have the latest update. 

Has anyone had this problem or can provide assistance on what can be done to fix it.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Emily,

I'm sorry to hear this error keeps showing up for you! If your file is saved on a network drive, I recommend creating a copy to your desktop, rename it, and try publishing it there.

You can also try importing your slides into a blank project and see if that helps the error from occurring. If all else fails, share your file with our support team, and they can take a closer look to see what is causing the issue!

Share your file with us.

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