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Jan 11, 2016


Can anyone tell me how I go about publishing a course to view on an IPad mini so that I can show a new employer my work?

I've created the courses on a desktop and now I want to publish them to view using the Articulate Mobile App.


Thanks for the help


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Phil -- If you click on the link that Michael provided for publishing for mobile devices, the following is noted:

Do Learners Need an Internet Connection to View Courses in the Articulate Mobile Player?

Initially, yes. However, if you marked the option to let learners download the course for offline viewing, they only need to be connected to the Internet long enough to download it. Thereafter, they may view the course with or without an Internet connection. See this tutorial for details.

If you need to track learners' progress in an LMS, they must be connected to the Internet. Otherwise, the course won’t be able to communicate data to your LMS.

Does that address your question?

Phil Whitehead

Hi Christie

Thanks for the help.

I don't think I've made it very clear what I'm trying to achieve.

I've created a course which I have set up for use on iOS, I originally created this course to use through an LMS with a previous employer.

I want to be able to take an IPad to an interview to show the course that I've created but I now don't have access to an LMS.

I thought that I would be able to email the published file to myself and then open it on my IPad through the Articulate App but this hasn't worked.

I'm sure that there must be a way if I don't have an LMS or access to a website.

Any help or work around would be much appreciated



Christie Pollick

Hi, Phil -- Apologies for any misunderstanding or miscommunication! So, just to confirm we are on the same page, do you still have access to the original course or source file? If you publish for Web, here are a few free options to consider if you don't have access to a web server:

  • Tempshare: This is a free service provided by Articulate for testing Storyline content. Note: Uploaded files will be deleted after 10 days.
  • Amazon S3: Amazon S3 offers free hosting with generous usage limits. If you go over your limit, you'll be charged a graduated fee.
  • Dropbox: Place your published output in the Public folder in your Dropbox account to share it with others. (Here's how to enable the Public folder.)

And have you already taken a look at this information on Downloading Content for Offline Viewing? With that option, you would initially need a Wi-Fi Internet connection to download content (which is something perhaps you could do before your interview), and then you would be able to view your course without an Internet connection thereafter.

If I am still not clear on what you need, you are welcome to reach out to our Support Engineers for additional suggestion they may be able to offer. :)

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