Publishing to Word--can marker text be made to appear??

Jun 06, 2013

I've made great use of markers but when I try to publish to Word for those diehards that insist on text :( , I can't figure out how to get the marker text to show up somewhere. Lots of meat in the markers so I need it to show. Any suggestions?? Many thanks in advance!


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Janet and Peter,

I just happened to see this and wondered if the marker text might publish if the translation export option were used instead of the standard publish.

Click the Articulate a on the top left of the screen and select Translation >Export.

Turns out it works. I've attached a quick test I did and shaded the marker text just to make it easier for y'all to see.

It may not meet your needs, Janet, but still thought I'd pass it along.

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