The content in a Marker cannot be shown after publishing as a Word format?

Oct 13, 2016


Just double check, anyone knows that if the content within a marker can be shown after publishing as a word format? I published my course as a Word document for SME's review, finding all content in makers cannot be seen in the word format? Only show all the markers. I have a lot of markers containing content.

Any ideas? Thank you very much!


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Phoebe Lu

Thank you all! Yeah, I know the LMS for review is the best way, but some SMEs really like the way that they can easily and more straightforward to make comments on it, especially the course has many layers/ lightboxes / markers.

Many of them even asked me if I can provide PPT-like deck on which they can easily make changes/ edits on wordings for review. Any ideas for that if you have this kind of SMEs/clients?

Thank you so much.   

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