Publishing to Word: Numbering

Dec 18, 2014

Just want to make sure I'm not missing something. Did a search but no cookie.

It seems odd that when I publish to the web, the TOC shows the correct lesson order but when publishing to Word, the document headings are numbered according to the Storyline view scene numbers. I don't get that.

Theoretically I can change scene numbers, though I have not figured out how to change my first scene (#5) to scene #1. It has nothing to do with trigger order. I did watch a few tutorials.

Having the links break when a scene changes order is also a drag.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jack,

You may want to review the information here on how scene ordering/numbering is determined. You can change the order of slides in the player menu for an Articulate Storyline course. However, it won't affect the actual order in which your slides display. Slide order is determined by the trigger assignment for the Next button.

And, you can change the starting scene of a course from within Story view by clicking on the "starting scene" button to make scene 5 become scene 1 and where the user begins. 

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