Pulling correct and incorrect results into final results page with the questions.

Dec 29, 2015

Hello all,

We are trying to pull the correct and incorrect results from the questions and display them on the results page as shown below as well as have a pop-up that displays the information about the missed question. The client wants it to be just like the screenshot below, however, better of course though they do not want the learner to leave the results page and get lost in the lesson again navigating around. Thus the pop-up that displays the review info.

I was thinking that we could show some sort of light box to show the review information though any thoughts on that would be helpful. We were also thinking that we would have to use some variables and java script to pull the correct and incorrect results onto the results page though none of the people on our team are really strong coders. Can anyone assist with this?

Thanks :)

results sample

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Hassan Abdullah

So I have figured, I believe, that I need to create a set of variables and triggers to cause the reaction to occur, however, I cannot get it to work correctly. I have setup a True/False variable as false and then set it to true when the user selects the correct answer. I set the wrong answers to variable to false. I then created a custom results slide with layers first having 'correct' and 'incorrect' on separate' layers and added a trigger saying that if response 1 was true show layer correct if false show incorrect. It did not work. I tried a few different ways and it kind of worked a few times though it never really got there. I saw the 'correct' and 'incorrect' intermittently though not always when I was supposed to and not for every question even when the triggers were the same for all of them. I then watched a video and saw someone do something where they changed the state of something on a different slide by checking a box on a different slide so I created some question slides from scratch and the results slides from scratch again, however, yet again to no avail it did not work. Any ideas on how I can solve this one?

Hassan Abdullah

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for getting back to me again. Here is a sample of the work for you to view. This particular version is done with layers, however, I believe that the correct way to do this may be with state changes. Though when I do it with state changes I can not get anything to show up on the screen with any answers I put in though when I do it with layers I at least get something wrong coming up. I am really scratching my head now.

Eric Petersen

I had to build a 30 question multiple choice test recently and have all the answers show on a custom results page that the user could print.   They wanted the wrong answers to have a red x next to them.   With a traditional multiple choice question the answer doesn't get stored in a variable so there is no way to reference it on a results page... to fix this I used a fill in the blank question, but I hid the blank off screen and built my own answer buttons, button A was programmed to fill in the blank or variable with A, button B was programmed to set the variable to B etc.  To the user it looked like a traditional multiple choice quiz but I was able to reference each variable on the results page and show their answers.  Then using layers with a big red x on them I simply set them to display if the variable for question 1 was not equal to the correct answer etc.  Anyway I figured I would tack that on in case someone else is trying to do this same thing.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Eric for sharing that idea here - if you're able to share the file we're always happy to see and have more examples of custom ways to do things. You can attach the .story file here using the "Add Attachment" button so that anyone else who comes upon this thread can download and take a look. Feel free to strip out any proprietary content if needed. 

Eric Petersen

Ok it's part of an OSHA required safety training program and most of it is proprietary so I had to strip it pretty bare...   Don't forget to miss a few so you see the x on the results page.  There is other programming built in to show a custom results percentage it may not make sense why we did that, just know we had to mirror the written version of the test exactly.

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