Pulsating Hot Spots??

Nov 29, 2023

Is there a easy way to make "shape hotspots" pulsate?

I found the information that I pasted below here on this website but it's from a very old version of SL where you have a choice from a "interaction pallet" by clicking a pulse hotspots if unvisited button.

I take it this is no longer an option we can use?

Any advice would be great.


Formatting Hotspots

Change the color and effects for all hotspots.

The default color for hotspots comes from Control 1 of your theme colors. To change it, go to the Interaction tab, then click the Hotspots drop-down arrow to choose a color. (This updates the color for all hotspots.)

In the same list, you can decide if you want to reveal or hide hotspots when learners click them, and enable or disable the pulsing animation for unvisited hotspots.

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