Put the name of the slide and the scene in a variable

Hello ! 

I want to put the name of the slide in a variable. I explain myself: when the timeline of the slide starts I want to put its name in a variable. 

And I want to do the same thing with the name of the scene when I start the first slide of this scene.

Do you have any idea to do it ? 

Thank you ! 


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Sebastien,

Just want to make sure I'm understanding... you want to pull the slide title and/or scene title from a separate part of the course into a slide, correct? 

I'm afraid I haven't tried this. However, maybe Steve's post here will work for you. He has the variable on the Master and is using it for the slide titles. His method isn't for displaying the title within the slide, but I'm wondering if you'd be able work with it a bit to show up in the slides, rather than the title bar.


I am trying to do the same thing, In other programs, there are 'reserved variables' which I can use to display the name of the current page. All I need to do is set an action to show that variable content when the page appears.

I would like to do the same thing in Storyline. When the Timeline starts, I wish to show the current slide name on the screen. This would be the name I give to the individual slides in each scene via Storyview or from the list of thumbnails in my story. Is this do-able in Storyline?

Thank you kindly!


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mehdi, 

I'm sorry to hear you feel that way, but if a feature was not included, it could be that the requests and demand was not there - hence why we ask our community to share their thoughts in the form of feature requests so that the information can be tracked and gathered to share with the product development team.  Without knowing anything about the coding behind Storyline or other Articulate products I also can't speak to the ease/difficulty of including certain elements and that is likely another factor when our team looks at what to include in a new version of the software. As always, you're welcome to share your thoughts directly with our product development team using the feature request link. 

Please let us know if there is anything we can assist with. 

Mehdi Kasumov

hi, Ashley,

It would be nice to have a link to all features requested so that user submitting a request will not duplicate it.

If any member of your development team can assist please  let them read this:

Our current problem is that
when we follow proposed "resolutions" we end up realizing that we are not being shared with important variable names and or how to accomplish a simple logigally sound task requested by everyone.

for example, one of the user's here proposed a fantastic solution with %slideNumbers" and %totalPages% but when implemented the soultion became a part of the problem..let me explain:

let's say we added on the master slide 3 text boxes:

1. "%slideNumber"

2 "%totalPages%"

3. "of" to make it "%slideNumber" of "%totalPages%"


then we added two variables, as described above.  Added adjust variables etc...
Voila! project works if and only if user ALWAYS moves forward...

when user decides to go back the slide number increases also...

when we added another adjust variable "subtracting" the variable value, we encountered three problems immediately:

1. the left side menu stops working

2. numbers go into negative

3. we remain on the same slide forever...



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mehdi,

We don't have a public listing of all feature requests, and we'd want duplicate requests to know how many users really would like to see new features. 

Our development team doesn't get in the forums, but sharing the set up and .story file here is helpful for community members and staff, especially those who focus more on design.