Q&A like in Udemy?

Hi all!

New Articulate-user here.
One thing I will need for my courses are the Q&A-module a la Udemy where a user can click the "Browse Q&A" at the bottom of the current video/module at any time and browse or create a new question specific to that video/module.

The instructors also get a notification when someone have asked/replied to a question.

Is this possible with Storyline 360?


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Norwegian ASA

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Tommy! Welcome to the community! ūüĎč

You could certainly add a Q&A button to the bottom of every slide that would reveal a list of questions and answers. Here are a couple of tips on that:

  • Add the button to the¬†Slide Master so it will appear on every slide.
  • Use a¬†lightbox to reveal the Q&A slide so it will appear on top of the current slide the learner is viewing.¬†

Thanks for letting us know you have a need for learners to submit their own questions. While this isn't a feature in Storyline currently, I'll pass along your idea to our team!