Question about button visited states


I wonder if someone can point me in the right direction here. I have a menu with buttons and added a checkmark on the visited state. I don't have any triggers set up.

When I click the button in preview mode, I can see the checkmark immediately rather than just seeing it when I return to that main menu. Is there a simple way to control this? I'm sure there must be, but I couldn't figure out where/how.

Thanks so much!


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Michael Shannon

The visited state of buttons trips up a lot of users (including myself). If you think of it like a text link on a web page (old school versions with blue underlines and all) then it will help. Once a link is clicked it immediately changes to the visited state (usually a darker blue). That's how the visited state is supposed to work. 

If you don't' want to see it change in real-time then you'll have to create a new state with some variables and triggers to work with it. I always create a new state of "completed" when doing this to differentiate the two. Plus that allows me to control when they see that completed state. For instance only after they have viewed all pages in a scene. 

Walt Hamilton

You are started down the right track.

What you need now is to set a variable (like Scene1Complete) to true. Do that at the end of the page that completes the section or scene they visit when they click the ButtonX. You can fire the trigger by the same action that returns them to the menu (timeline ends, or user clicks return button). "Set Scene1Complete = True when timeline ends" and "Jump to slide Menu when timeline ends"

Then when the menu starts "Change state of ButtonX to completed when timeline starts on condition Scene1Completed = True"