Question about layers and triggers

Jun 27, 2017

Hi :

I have created a slide in 360 where the audio runs through the instructions which tell the learner to click on each item which takes them to a new layer.  I have the learner clicking on the text to take them to the layer that corresponds with the information.  Then I return them back to the Slide to click the next item to show the next layer.  When I do this the audio initiates and starts over for each one whe they return to the slide.  How to I stop the audio on the slide so as they are coming and returning from their layers, the audio does not play each time?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kathleen

as Alyssa said it's better if we can see the file setup - but I would recommend having the initial instruction audio on the base layer and the associated layer objects and audio on their own layer - then when the user closes that layer the audio will stop, they click the next item and the objects and audio for that layer plays - sometimes easier to control the audio this way. Hope  this is what you meant.

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