Question about publishing storyline 2 - number of slides under tracking option

Hello.  I'm confused about the total number of slides indicated under the publishing tracking option.  There is a higher number listed than what I count in my course.  Is this due to storyline including slide layers and individual questions from question banks into the total?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kimberly

slide numbers would include slides in all scenes including the question bank/ light box slides but not layers. Are you drawing only a few from the quiz bank?  If you have a quiz bank do you have a result slide - should you be tracking by that instead of slides viewed or is the quiz not tracked?

Kimberly Matson

Hi Wendy.  Thank you for replying.  Seven of eleven available question banks are used (inserted) in the course .  All of the questions from those seven are drawn...for a total number of 45 test bank questions in the course.  Not tracking via quiz results (they are just used as practice activities).

The number of slides in the course (including regular slides, the 7 test bank placeholder slides and lightbox slides) is 387.  If the 45 test bank questions are added to that...then total number of slides should be 432, correct?  However, the total number of slides indicated in the publishing tracking option is 447.  I've recounted the course slides and test bank questions numerous times; however, I still come up with 15 slides less than is indicated in publishing tracking number.  Just not sure what I am missing.

Leslie McKerchie

Very interesting Kimberly. I haven't seen anyone report this before and I'm getting a different number when I look manually.

Scene 1 = 10

Scene 2 = 39

Scene 3 = 60 (Quiz 3.34 = 6, 3.59 = 10)

Scene 4 = 36 (Quiz 4.35 = 5)

Scene 5 = 69

Scene 6 = 21

Scene 7 = 70 (Quiz 7.47 = 5, 7.69 = 4)

Scene 8 = 36

Scene 9 = 44 (Quiz 9.43 = 11)

Scene 10 = 34 (Quiz 10.27 = 4)

Scene 11 = 1

So, I'm getting 465 total and even if the quiz placeholders do not count in this way, that leaves 458. 

I filed a support case on your behalf so that perhaps we can get some more information to understand. I'll be following along as well :)

Kimberly Matson

I think I figured it out!  when I add the slides (with scene 5 = 91 and scene 6 = 26)  - it comes out to 447, which is the number in the tracking under publish option.  So, it looks like storyline counted the regular slides, lightbox slides and the test bank placeholder slides (not the test bank questions) in order to come to total # for the course.  Thanks so much for your time in helping me Leslie!  Shew...I surely would not want to be an accountant and have to deal with numbers all day!