Question about Using Storyline 2 for a Survey and Showing Specific Results

Seeking advice with an advanced Articulate 360 Storyline 2 project we are working on. The project is comprised of 3 phases, which would ideally be in 1 Articulate 360 .html file.

Phase 1: A 12 question survey with each question answered by a 0-9 scale.

Phase 2: A video portion (no student clicks or anything required, they will simply watch it).

Phase 3: A results slide that would be an xy graph, as shown below.

Now, things get tricky as we need to take the average results of the following question numbers from Phase 1 to determine where a ‘dot’ will be placed in a corresponding sector of the xy graph on the results slide:

Top-left: 1, 5, 9

Top-right: 2, 6, 10

Bottom-left: 3, 7, 11

Bottom-right: 4, 8, 12

As an example, if a student selected 4 for question 1, 6 for question 5, and 7 for question 9 – a ‘dot’ would be placed in the -6 area in the top-left sector of the xy graph.

What I thought would be the Articulate 360 Storyline 2 solution to this would be to have a trigger occur for each of the combinations of averages for each of the 4 sectors of the xy graph. Meaning we would have about 100 or so individual ‘dots’ in different areas, each as a layer, hidden be default. The trigger would make the corresponding ‘dot’ change from hidden to displayed, so that there would be a ‘dot’ in each of the 4 sectors based on the students’ responses.

Is Articulate 360 Storyline 2 capable of doing this or are there any ways we can make it work or should we look into an alternative service?

Thank you in advance!

- Ryan

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