Question and Answer Details Are Missing From Printed Results

Nov 01, 2016

Hello.  I have the issue where the results from a quiz in SL2 will 'print' correctly at the end of the course but if the user exits and then resumes (ie has forgotten to save a copy of the results or an issue with the printer means that they didn't print properly so they need to try again) the results page appears blank.  The user has only one attempt to complete the course and can review their answers - they need to be able to print them at any time though - not only upon the first entry to the course - they may not even complete the quiz at one attempt.

I see that this issue was a known problem 2 years ago on the Articulate website...... ("Question and Answer Details Are Missing From Printed Results:  You may find that question and answer details are missing from your printed results when the following conditions are true:  You completed the quiz and exited the course.  You resumed the course and printed your results.  This is a known issue. We'll post more information here as it becomes available".

.......but is there a solution to the issue? - how can i amend my project or report to ensure that the results print option works upon every resume?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi TC!

If learners exit a course in the middle of a quiz then later resume the course and finish the quiz, their printed results will only show the questions they answered after resuming the quiz.

Similarly, if they launch the course again after finishing it, their printed results won't show any questions since they already completed the quiz.

We designed the print results feature this way to significantly reduce the size of the course's suspend data, since many learning management systems (LMSs) enforce strict limitations on suspend data.

The good news is that learners' quiz results will still be calculated properly and communicated to your LMS correctly, even if their printed results only show questions they answered after resuming the course.

You are welcome to share your thoughts with our product development team here.
Jane Lomas

Hi Leslie,

I have a master Result Slide which displays the overall results for each quiz within the package (There are 7 topics, each with a quiz). I want to do a Print Results for this screen which shows all the results which the staff member can print off as evidence and they can add to their CPD folder. (I've added a screenshot of the slide).

However, if the staff member leaves the package and continues later, they will only see the quiz results they have done in that session. Is there any way around this?


Jose Tansengco

Hi Matt, 

We're still looking at the reported behavior where student answers in the report.html are not completely listed if a quiz is taken in more than one session. We apologize for any inconvenience this bug may have caused, and we'll definitely let everyone in this forum know as soon as a fix is released. Here's a quick look at how we manage bugs for your reference.