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Sam Carter

Take a storyline .story with maybe 20 questions.

Now... a client wants to draw 10 from the 20.  Now you need the 20 questions in a question bank.

Create an empty question bank.

The ribbon of the question bank has an "import question" from the current .story option.

Copy questions fails for me.  Move works.

Sam Carter

The resolution of this bug was to uninstall SL 360, reboot, then install.  The problem of importing questions into a bank is no longer reproducible.

Since nothing has been corrected, presumably the root cause of this problem persists and could arise again.

Perhaps uninstall/reinstall are steps that should be taken any time a bug is identified in SL 360. Given the frequency that SL misbehaves, this could be a significant amount of time lost.

Jon Kieffer

The issue went away (temporarily) after uninstall and reinstall. Then it came back. When this happened, I saved the project, and the problem went away again. So now I wonder if the issue occurs if the project has not been recently saved. Going forward, I plan to save the project every time before creating a new question bank.

Janet Chafey

I'm having this issue also. I create a scene with questions. Then I create a question bank and attempt to import the questions from that scene. Sometimes it works correctly (not often), sometimes it imports a few questions and at times, it imports nothing.

I close Storyline, restart my computer, import a question at a time (which is laborious when you have a lot of questions) and check to make sure I've imported all of the questions I wanted. 

Any suggestions? I am working off my hard drive and keep Storyline updated. Thanks!