Question Bank Import Questions Flops

Mar 10, 2018

The "Import Questions" into a question bank from the active .story seems to import 1, 2, or some random number of questions instead of all the questions selected.

Every time. SL 360 Version 13.15006.0

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Sam Carter

The resolution of this bug was to uninstall SL 360, reboot, then install.  The problem of importing questions into a bank is no longer reproducible.

Since nothing has been corrected, presumably the root cause of this problem persists and could arise again.

Perhaps uninstall/reinstall are steps that should be taken any time a bug is identified in SL 360. Given the frequency that SL misbehaves, this could be a significant amount of time lost.

Janet Chafey

I'm having this issue also. I create a scene with questions. Then I create a question bank and attempt to import the questions from that scene. Sometimes it works correctly (not often), sometimes it imports a few questions and at times, it imports nothing.

I close Storyline, restart my computer, import a question at a time (which is laborious when you have a lot of questions) and check to make sure I've imported all of the questions I wanted. 

Any suggestions? I am working off my hard drive and keep Storyline updated. Thanks!

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