Is there an easy way to export question banks from one file to another?

Mar 05, 2020

I made a test course with a bunch of questions and threw them into a Question Bank.

I'm trying to import the question bank from the quiz course that I made and put it into an overview course, so that I can have it randomly draw some questions.

I tried copying the whole question bank over but that didn't work. 

I just did something where I copied over all the questions, but none of the images were included.

I'm hoping there's a way to export it over as a file (similar to how you can export and import translation documents). Like export the question bank from one storyline file, and then import it into another storyline file.

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David McDonagh

I'm able to access the questions and put them into a new scene. I copied the scene from one file to another and thought that was going to work. It does copy the questions themselves over, but the graphics that I had on each slide are blank. There's a place holder on the timeline but it just says "picture 1" and it's blank box.

The crazy thing is that I can see the images in the Story View thumbnails, but then as soon as I click on them they disappear. In the attached image you can see that I've clicked on the first 5, and as soon as I do the image disappears

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