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May 22, 2015


I have created a course in which i have a question bank. there are 20 question in the question bank out of which 15 are set to display. (storyline 2 version 5: 1505.515)

On each question there is a submit button which is set to Submit Interaction trigger for that slide and on clicking it jumps to next question.

when i upload the course to scorm cloud and test, If i exit the course after attempting the 1st question, then 100% score is displayed.

Can anyone please help me to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance

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Mayuresh Saka


Sorry but cannot share the file as per the company policy.

But now i tried another way, i deleted all the question pages and added new pages, and tested on Scorm cloud, now there are 10 question in question bank out of which 5 are displayed and 10 points for each question are set. If i exit the course after attempting the 1st question correct in question bank then it show score as 20%. but it should only show the score when i attempt all the 5 question and reach on the result slide.

Is it possible to send score to LMS only when the user reaches the result slide.


Mayuresh Saka


When i set Result slide after the Question Bank or if there are linear questions, is it possible to send the score to LMS only when i reach the result slide, and not on every question. now it sends score after every question. If I attempt one question and exit the course the score gets updated for that question.


Mayuresh Saka

Hi Christie,

I am attaching the source file for the course (I have deleted the unwanted slides and text from the file).

The issue I was facing is that the score should only get submitted to LMS once the user reaches the result slide and exit the course. now if I exit the course from any of the question the score till that question is sent to LMS.


Emily Ruby

Hello Mayuresh,

Every time a question is answered, the score will update within the course. If you close out of the course after a few questions, the % will reflect in the course. The score is saved so you can resume the course from where you left off. However, the completion status  (passed) should not report until the Results slide is reached.

The behavior you see in the SCORM Cloud is as expected. 

Mayuresh Saka

Hi Emily,

Thanks for the reply, If you have checked the course on SCORM Cloud or on LMS what it does is, when I attempt 2 questions correct and exit the course it shows 100% in the score, again if I launch and attempt 2 questions incorrect then it shows 50%.

As the question bank is set to show 15 questions and if I attempt 2 question correct and exit the course then the score saved the shown should be considering all the 15 questions and in that ratio and not 100% assuming only 2 questions.

Emily Ruby

Hi Mayuresh,

When  a question is attempted, the score will update within the SCORM Cloud. So if you attempt one, and close, it should show a percent on that one question. For each question answered, this will update as they go along. 20%, 40% etc. However, the completion of the course will not update until the results slide is completed.

See here for a generic course with a bank and results slide. If you answer one question, then close, it will show 25%. After 2 it will show 50%. But the Complete/Passed options will not show until you reach the results slide. 

I do see in your course it is not updating properly, and is marking 100% right away, but the completion status is working as designed. I did a few tests, and using the built in submit button works. See here. I also added a jump to next slide trigger on your custom submit button and it is working as designed now. See here as well. I did shave this down to 4 question slides. Attached is  the file with the updates. Hope this helps.

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