Question bank - marking questions as "used" and providing custom feedback

Jan 14, 2022

Hi everyone,

I have some specific requests from a client for a final exam that I'm not sure can be done. I've searched all over this site and don't see a question or example, so I'm putting it out to all of you just in case! (Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have!)

Here's the setup:

  • There are 11 modules and the final exam will be 3 questions per module pulled randomly from 11 question banks of about 6-9 questions each. (This is no problem to set up.)
  • They learner will have 3 chances to pass the final exam. (Again, no problem to set up.)
  • If the learner fails the exam and attempts to take it again, my client is asking if we can choose questions that weren't used before - so my first question is: Is there a way to mark questions in question banks as "used" so that they aren't pulled again? Maybe using variables? 
  • The other request is that if a person misses 2 of 3 questions from a specific question bank, is it possible to provide feedback (on the results slide maybe?) that says something like "Please review Module XX before attempting the exam again" (<-- my second question)

Hopefully that makes sense! Thank you!



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Ron Price

Hello Marni,

Actually, Storyline question banks do not repeat the same questions if you are using the "Retry" option from a Review slide as long as there are still unused slides to choose from.  Once all of the questions have been asked, the previously used questions will be asked again.

The exception to this is if you select the option to "Reset only incorrect questions".  In that case, the student will be presented with the same questions they missed on the previous attempt.

For your second request, yes.  That can be accomplished with the use of variables. It is not overly complex, but you would need to have a good handle on variable usage.  I would probably create a number variable for each bank.  On each question, I would have a trigger that adds to that variable on the correct or incorrect layer and the on the results slide display messages base on if that value is greater than or less than whatever threshold you determine.

Hope that helps.


Marni Levett

Hi Ron!

I have one more question about this. What you described with setting variables for answers works perfectly with the "correct" and "incorrect" layers and providing the results at the end. But because this quite a large exam, my client has decided that they don't want to use feedback for each question, just the results slide at the end.

I've been looking around to see if there are ways to track correct answers without those layers, but I haven't found it yet. I didn't see a built in variable for individual questions, just final results. So I thought I would reach out one more time to see if you have any ideas.

Thanks so much!


(I should add that it looks like I can adjust a variable based on the answer(s) they choose, but that would mean going into all 125 questions and setting the variable based on the correct answer. Which, of course, can be done, but I'm hoping there's a quicker way!)

Ron Price

Hey Marni,

I am doing something very similar in a current build - no feedback.  You could still use the one Number variable for a bank, but you would more than likely need to apply a trigger with conditions for each question - If the state of the correct option is selected  . . . add the value.

Hope that helps

Marni Levett

Thanks! That sounds like what I did. Each bank has a variable that, when the correct answer is chosen, a trigger adds "1" to the value.  I then used those variables to report on the results page which modules need to be repeated based on the number of answers missed. It works really well. Thanks again for your help!

Judy Nollet

Here's another option for future reference:

  • Keep the slide feedback turned on, so the questions have the Correct and Incorrect layers.
  • Change the layout of those layers to blank, and delete any leftover objects from the layers. 
  • Add the trigger(s) to adjust the value of the answer-tracking variable. For example, if you just want to count correct answers, add 1 to a number variable via a trigger that runs when the timeline starts on the Correct layer. 
  • After that, add a trigger that jumps to the next slide when the layer's timeline starts. In essence, this replaces the Continue button that normally appears on the feedback layers. Be sure to add this to both layers.

We all tend to think about layers for adding content, but blank layers with triggers can be quite useful, too!