Randomizing Question Banks

Jan 22, 2016


I'm working on building an exam that requires randomization and a limited number of questions (2/5) that are pulled from each question bank (60 banks organized by difficulty and question type). Additionally the content creators want to be able to randomize the order of the question banks so that each student taking the exam would get a different ordering of the types of questions.

Is this possible? If so can someone assist me?

Thank you,


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Shelley Richards


Yes I'm familiar with question banks and how to set them up. I am wondering if it is possible to randomize the question banks themselves. My question banks are set up by types of questions. I would like to have two levels of randomization, one in which the questions are random but also one that randomizes the groupings of questions aka the question banks themselves. I've not seen this as a possibility as of yet, but am asking the community if there is a way to do it.


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Marilyn.  Question bank draws can be randomized, but not choosing from which question bank the draw is made.

If the question banks can be randomized as well as the questions, would it be suitable to bring all of the questions into a "master" bank and just do random draws from the one bank?  Hoping we can brainstorm on a way to get the same effect of any random questions being drawn!

Jane Koltracht

I know this is a bit dated, but I have the exact same need now. Do we know if this feature has been developed since this post? The above solution (single merged question bank) would not work in my case because I need to ensure that a certain number of items are drawn from specific categories of questions (organized into question banks).

Jane Koltracht

Hi Crystal,

Sorry for the ambiguity, my request/question was identical to the one expressed in the original post, and I was just checking to see if there has been a change since this post. 

As  you mentioned "Question bank draws can be randomized, but not choosing from which question bank the draw is made."- I'm just curious if is this still the case or has this feature been developed since then? Just checking :)

Calvin Lo

I think what you meant here was questions drawn from banks can be randomized... but not the question bank itself. 

we found ourselves in this predicament as well. we have 10 question categories each in its own bank. but the order questions are presented is always 2 random questions from category 1, 2 from category 2, 2 from category 3 and so forth. there's no way to randomize the bank itself. 

Elena Tagliati

Hi, yes I am in the same situation where I need to have many question banks, because I need to test on each separate topics, but then I would like to be able to randomize the draws from the separate banks as well.

It is quite important, otherwise students will get that first question is on topic 1 and so forth, i.e. quite predictable.