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May 01, 2020

I'm just starting out with Question Banks in Storyline. The course I'm working has three subjects; each with its own Question Bank. At the end of each scene we want to draw a few questions as a formative test. Then at the end of the course we want to have the participants take an exam; drawing randomly from the three Question Banks. The questions now all have the same Master slide. We would like to show the text "Quiz question" on the formative tests and "Exam question" on the exam question.

Is there a way to apply different layouts to one question? This would be very handy if we need to change the wording of the question, its alternatives or the feedback.

And is it possible to indicate progress in terms of the amount of questions? for example "Quiz question 1 of 3"

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Conor!

Can you apply different layouts to one question in a Question Bank? For example, have the title Quiz Question in one Question Bank and Exam Question in another.

There can only be one layout for each slide, so it would be easiest to duplicate the slide and add a different title. 

How can you show the learner which question they're on? Is it possible to add Question 1 of 3?

Yes! There is a Slide Number feature that includes variables that track numbers automatically. You can also create your own variable to track the question number. 

Here's a quick look at the Slide Number feature:

Conor Striegel

Thanks for your reply. However, this doesn't seem to work in Storyline 3.


Is there a way to use my own variables? I want to add 3 random slides from
a question bank and add the question number and total questions on each
question. For example, Question 1 of 3.


Thanks again for your help :-)


Ren Gomez

Hi Conor,

Thanks for clarifying that you're using Storyline 3. Unfortunately, SL3 doesn't contain the feature for slide numbers, so you'll have to use variable triggers as you mentioned.

This discussion below offers a file you can look at as an example and you can read through the comments for more insight!

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