Unable to use quiz-banks a second time in a project?

Hi! :)

I'm creating a course, with three topics, each with a quiz with a few questions drawn randomly from three quiz-banks - that works fine.

When the three topics has been viewed, the user must take an "exam", answering one question from each quiz-bank, so I inserted three slides, drawing only one question from each bank.

However, when I try to take the exam, each answer is "grayed out", and I'm unable to select any of the multiple choice answers.

I have tried to set all the quiz slides to "reset to initial state" but to no avail.

I'm missing out on something here -- any suggestions?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bjarne,

I set up a test file in SL2 based on your description here, and when getting to the second "draw from bank" it is treating it as a brand new draw, and the questions are reset - I don't see that they're greyed out and inaccessible. Do you have a sample file you could share here with us? 

Bjarne O


I have now reproduced the issue in a blank project, using the SL2 update 1 trial, and I'm still unable to reuse questions banks. Here's what I did:

- Imported questions from Excel into 3 question banks
- Changed the feedback option on each question to "none"
- Created 3 scenes with all questions from each question bank and a result slide
- Created an exam scene with one question from each question bank and a result slide

When I reach the exam scene, I'm unable to select any answer at all.

Please see the attached file - note: all correct answers are marked #correct#.

What am I missing here? Any help is greatly appreciated - this is the biggest roadblock I've came upon yet.

Best regards

Wendy Farmer

Hi Bjarne

I just tried the quizzes and exam and found no problem.  Here are screengrabs of the 3 exam questions.  I did a SAVE AS on the project with my name at the end and it opens and closes and works as I would expect (attached)  Maybe there is something corrupt in your install.  You might need to follow the steps in these two links Erratic Behaviour and Repair

Bjarne O

... this puzzles me. I have now tried the following: a copy of the file; a removal including cleanup and re-install of articulate; the file on another computer - same issue...

New observation: the order of which "use" the questions does not matter - so, if I in my sampl-file, take the "exam" first, I'm unable to select anything in the three quizes...

New observation 2: It does not matter, if I use the flash or the html5 version. Tried publishing to html5 and tested in chrome - still not able to both take the quizzes and the exam.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated! :)

Bjarne O

Dear Ashley,

Is there any way, you could share your sample file, so I can check if that works with my SL2 installation? - I've been experimenting with this issue all day, but I'm getting nowhere... Feel free to try out my sample-files posted as well. Thanks!


Emily Ruby

Hello Bjarne!

I have tested your file and I am able to reproduce the issue. I also saw it in Wendy's file above and in a new file i created.

I am going to be sharing this with our QA team for review, as you could use question banks more than once in Storyline 1.

I will update this thread as I get more information.

Bjarne O

Wendy, thank you very much for your efforts in testing, that's very valuable... I'm wondering what differences that are causing these inconsistencies? Can you tell me:

  • Your Windows version?
  • Your version of articulate storyline?

I'm using Windows 8.1 update 1, 64bit and the latest version of articulate storyline 2 update 1.

There is a very good chance, that we are going into production with storyline, and in our courses, we use around 100 questions... I would hate to be forced to import all those in two identical question-banks just to dodge this issue..

Lou Mang

I have a similar issue as Bjarne. I've created a course that ends with a quiz drawn randomly from a question bank. If a user doesn't pass the quiz she must then go back through the course and take the quiz(drawn randomly) again. When I test this out the second time through I get the same questions as the first time through and the selections are disabled. Any idea what I'm missing?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lou,

The issue originally detailed here was fixed as per this support article documentation:

In some cases, you may find that answer choices are grayed out for question bank slides in your published course if you used the same question bank earlier in the same course.

This issue was corrected in Update 5 for Articulate Storyline 2. To take advantage of the new features and fixes, install the latest version from the link in your product confirmation email or download it here, then republish your course.

In regards to your issue, if you're allowing the user to retry the quiz, they'll be prompted with the question they previously answered, not necessarily a new draw. I know it's something a few users discussed recently here in terms of how to set up with a new draw, so you may want to look through other forum threads to find a solution that works for your needs.