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Jul 21, 2012

Hi - new to Storyline and I guess need to call a lifelline.

i have 4 banks of 10 questions.  I want to have a 20 question final graded quiz. I want to have the exam pull randomly from each of the banks to generate the 20 questions. (so that the test is not the same each time and if the student has to retake the quiz, it wont be the same one).

how can I do this?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Dave! To do this, you'd need to insert a draw from each of your four question banks , one at a time. For example, first insert a draw of 5 questions from bank 1, then a separate draw of 5 questions from bank 2, and so on. So, when the learner takes your course, they'd see 5 randomized questions from bank 1, then 5 randomized questions from bank 2, etc.  

Does that help?

Right now it's not really possible to display questions from all 4 banks in a shuffled order — but that would make a great feature request.

Jane Koltracht

This response was really useful, but since it's a bit dated I thought I would follow-up: does anyone know if this is a feature that has been developed since this post?

I'd love to be able to draw items from multiple question banks and still set the entire test to randomize (vs. only randomizing within each draw). I cannot create a merged question bank as I need to ensure that a specific number of items are drawn from each bank in each quiz. Just wondering!

Jane Koltracht

Hi Crystal!

I have no issues with repetition, the quiz functions well.

In my current set up I have a quiz that draws:

3 random items from question bank A, followed by

3 random items from question bank B, followed by

3 random items from question bank C 

My quiz works great and I have had no problems setting my quiz up. I was just wondering if it was possible to have the entire quiz randomize - that is, all 9 items not necessarily presenting in order of draw. I cannot shuffle questions across all the banks (the possible "feature request" Jeanette mentioned a few years back). It's not a hugely important issue, but would be nice to have.

Wendy Farmer

Yes Megan if I understand your question.

Create a number variable (eg. QNumber) and add the following trigger to the master slide layout used by the quiz questions

e.g. Adjust variable QNumber add value 1 when timeline starts

On each quiz slide add a text box that references the variable


Question %QNumber% of 10

If you are allowing users to retry or review the quiz add a trigger to reset the variable back to 0 when timeline starts on the result slide. This trigger must be before the 'jump to slide' trigger.

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