Question Bank: How to draw from bank for scene knowledge check then final assessment ?

Mar 14, 2019

I am not new to 360 but am creating a course, for the first time, that has 2 knowledge check questions in each of four scenes. Then a final assessment test (scored) that needs to draw multiple questions from each bank. Each bank has 20+ questions and the final assessment needs to randomly pull from each bank to total 25 questions for the test. If the user does not get the minimum of 80% they must retake the course AND the knowledge checks and final need to randomize to pull other question. 

1. I have each bank populated with questions - I have gone to the scene and done a New Draw and selected the question bank to draw from. When the Submit is selected on the 2nd question slide I need to navigate to the next scene in the course.  If I set a trigger on the question slide, won't stay with the slide? Meaning when that question is pulled for the final assessment the 'Next' trigger will still be there? 

2. If a user has to take the final assessment a second time, how can I make sure they are presented with different questions?

Thank you for your time to help me.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for the description of what you would like to create with your course.

I would use a Result Slide in each scene to have the triggers to jump to the next scene as needed. Then if/when the user has to re-take the assessment, you can use a trigger to re-set the results for the user.

Not to worry, you can set the final result slide to be the one that sends the data to your LMS :)

Kelly Schrodi

Attached is one scene from my course. I would like to see if someone can look at it and give me the steps needed to 1. set up two quiz questions for each scene, not scored but need to randomly choose questions from multiple banks should the user need to retake.  2. The final assessment needs to randomly choose questions from 20 different banks and score them for a passing 80%.  The logic and the set up steps are just not making sense to me yet.  thank you

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kelly,

I saw you had two Question draw slides included, but no actual questions added. Each question bank and the draw slide are what will randomize the questions, so there isn't a way to randomize questions from multiple banks. You could look at creating a "master" question bank that pulls in questions from all 20 of your banks and chooses to draw from that. Again, it'll be random so there is no guarantee that they'd see questions from each bank. 

You could also look at creating a draw slide for each of the 20 banks, say randomly selecting 2 questions from each. If you put those slides one after another it wouldn't appear any differently to your learners and you'd add in a result slide to track all the possible questions from each bank. 

Hope that makes a bit more sense - and definitely take a look at the User guides here for Storyline as there are a ton on how to set up and use question banks, draw slides and result slides! 

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