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Katie Riggio

Hello there, Laure. Happy to point you in the right direction!

You can allow learners to submit all of their answers at once to a quiz. With this, learners will have the opportunity to review any of the questions using the Prev/Next buttons. This article should help!

If you'd like for your learners to see the questions they didn't answer, you'll need to create variables to track whether they answered each question, and build out some navigation triggers accordingly.

Here are a few related discussions that may help: 1 and 2. The community is filled with design gurus who may have more crafty approaches, so I'll open the floor to them!

Laure Van Hecke

Hi Katie,

Thanks for your feedback. I think I dind't explain the situation very well. Below you can find more details about my problem.

I have designed a quiz with 25 question banks. Each questionbank has an underlying resultslide (this is presented as a title page for the users) where they are automatically forwarded to the next questionbank.

The question banks are actually different chapters where they must reach a certain percentage in order to pass that chapters.

Now I would like to show the chapters (question banks) on the "final" resultslide that the user did not pass. This way they know for which chapter they have to make extra efforts.

Is this possible?