Question: Change state when ON of many states is active.

Oct 12, 2018

I have an OK button and 4 selection fields (rectangles).

The OK button has two states:
a) inactive
(b) active

The OK button should only change its state from inactive to active if one of the 4 selection fields is selected (their state is then "selected"). I.e., if none or more than one is selected, the state of the OK button should be inactiaved.

Any tips on how to do this? I've been desperate about it for a few hours now.

I'm using the latest Version of SL.

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Russell Killips

Hello Stefan,

Try setting up your OK button to have an initial state of inactive.

Then give your 4 selection fields the same button set. Right click your field and choose the Button Set option.

Then also each of the 4 fields will need a trigger to change the state of the OK button to active when they are clicked.

Here is an example for you to take a look at.

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