Variables and changing states

Jan 15, 2013

Is it possible to change the state of two buttons on one screen using one variable?

I start with a screen with two buttons. One is active, and the other is inactive (At this point). I have a variable set to change from false to true when the user finishes the first scene. Once they finish the first scene, it jumps back to the slide with two buttons. I want the previously inactive button to become active (which works just fine with a trigger), and the previously active button to become inactive (which does not seem to work with a trigger).

Is this because I am using the same variable change to trigger both state changes?

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Annie Jean

Hi John,

I have tried it and it works fine for me. The way I did it is adjusting the variable at the end of my slide 2. When coming back on slide 1, the states of the buttons change on timeline starts if my variable is equal to False.

If you want, you could post your .story file so we can take a look at it or, if it's not possible, you could post screen shots of your triggers.

Hope to help! Have a nice day!


John Papiernik

The trigger on button 2 that you say "cannot work" is the one that IS working. I have that set so that when the variable changes, it changes the state. I also added a condition that says the variable must equal true, and it works......Is the way I have this one set up, the reason the other trigger is not working?

I have button one set to "change state of" when timeline starts. What should I have as "Object"? I currently have button 1 selected there, should that be the slide?

John Papiernik

Ok.... Now I have two sections where I quiz the user (two sperate quizes). Some people will only see the first quiz, and some people will see both. I have it set up with 2 results slides. If you see both quizes, you will only see the 2nd results slide (wich covers both quizes). It tallies the results correctly, but only lets me review half of the questions covered.

Why is that?

Annie Jean

There is no listener in Storyline to look at your variable at all time so that is why the best way to use them is from Actions just like "timeline starts" or "user clicks". That is why I am surprised that the first trigger works since it is triggered when the variable is changing... which is not an action in itself to make storyline looking at the value of variables.

Hope this helps. English is not my first language and I want to give as much information as I can and I guess that sometimes I may sound confusing... or confused!

Annie Jean

Don't know if it can help you but it looks like when reviewing, I review the first slide and then come back to the result slide related to that first quiz... If I continue clicking on the next button, I then have the review of the second quiz. So, at first I thought it wasn't reviewing all of the questions but it does. The problem is that you have to go by the first result slide that makes it look like it is not working at all (because I wasn't clicking assuming this was the end :-( ).

Don't know if that may be it for you also.

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