Question Concerning Storyboard Video Trim Function

Hello! I've been using Articulate Storyboard for several weeks now, and I have some questions concerning using the Edit Video Trim function that the tutorials don't focus on. I'd like to use it to edit the beginning and end of mp4 video files I've pulled into my project. Does it automatically select the first half-second of both the beginning and end of the video for removal? Shouldn't I see "Trim End" lines appear at the beginning and ending of the video? (I only see one such line.) Also, I've been using a SnagIt 12 Editor to do a lot of my video editing, but I strangely keep seeing the last frame of the original video appearing even after I thought I'd removed it. Would using the Storyboard Edit Video Trim function eliminate this problem? Thanks for all your assistance!

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Alan Tromp

Thanks, Christie! I experimented a little more with the Trim function and think I have it figured out now. I certainly appreciate the assistance!

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Christie Pollick

Delighted to hear it, Alan! Thanks so much for sharing an update. :)

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