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Mar 05, 2014

We use Storyline created courses in our LMS which is Cornerstone on Demand. Cornerstone has a SCORM 2004 report that will allow you to gather information about how many times a question was answered correctly and incorrectly which are really great metrics.  The problem I'm running into is that it's not grouping my questions together in the LMS. I've reached out to Cornerstone support and they are telling me that it's the ID's of the questions that are coming from Storyline that are inconsistent and this is causing the same question to look as if it's a different question.  Is there a way that Storyline identifies questions and if so is there anyway to see it? What might cause this to change?

For example:

I have question A, Question B and Question C. I have 10 users who take the test and I would expect to see question A one time with the # of responses summarized with correct and incorrect and number of tries and question B one time with the #  of respsones summarized with correct and incorrect and number of tries and question C one time with the # of repsonses summarized with correct and incorrect and number of tries BUT when I see the results in the LMS I might see Question A repeated 20 times, question B repeated 5 times and question C repeated 7 times instead of being summarized. Cornerstone insists it is not them but the way the questions come in with different IDs. We have made some changes to the course and changed the version a few times but the questions have not been changed. This doesn't make any sense to us and makes the SCORM 2004 reporting not very useful as it's not summarizing the questions appropriately.

Has anyone else ever seen something like this or able to tell me if questions do get unique IDs and how I would know what those are or to check them or to prevent them from getting different ID's.

thank you!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Debbie and welcome to Heroes! 

I don't believe there is a way to change the question ID within Storyline (although that doesn't mean there isn't a community generated method). The quiz details that are reported to your LMS are detailed here,  by default Storyline  sets the interaction id to a combination of the slide number and the question type, for example: Slide_0_0_Essay_1

There is also a great thread here with a number of Cornerstone users who you may want to check in with to see if that had similar issues. 

shawn armstrong


I have a similar question.

I have a exam where the learner gets 2 trys to get the correct answer. The output show as follows when they get the answer wrong:

Scene3_Slide12_FreeFormHotspot_0_0; Knowledge Check 4 out of 5; Incorrect
Scene3_Slide12_FreeFormHotspot_0_1; Knowledge Check 4 out of 5; Correct

I assume the "0_0" draw# means they saw the question and anserwed it incorrectly the 1st time and answered it correctly on the second, but sometimes we see it displayed like this: 

Scene3_Slide12_FreeFormHotspot_0_0;  Knowledge Check 4 out of 5;  Correct
Scene3_Slide12_FreeFormHotspot_0_1;  Knowledge Check 4 out of 5;  Incorrect

I am not understanding why there is a "0_1" if they answered it correctly the 1st time, unless the "0_0" has nothing to do with the answer provided during a specific attempt?



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