Question Imports

Feb 09, 2021

I really enjoy the question import feature, specifically using .txt files. 

I have a few features I would like to request that I feel would make it even more powerful and productive:

  1. The ability to label/title question slides using some syntax housed in the import file. In Moodle/GIFT format you can title questions by surround them with double colons:
    ::Question 1::
    Who is buried in grants tomb?
    =No one
    ~Grant's family
    ~Someone other than Grant

    Maybe Articulate Storyline could do the same for .txt files, and add a column for the Excel imports?
  2. The ability to select question level feedback rather than choice-level feedback would be nice. Here is a link from a few years back with a similar request:
  3. I wish the formatting would remain as I have it set in the Feedback master,  rather than aligning the text to the left,  overflowing instead of wrapping the text,  increasing font size,  or using Articulate font instead of the font I have pre-set in the Feedback master. 
    Here is a related link regarding formatting issues when importing questions:

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and please let me know if you have any questions. 

All the best,


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Ben,

Here's the link to the page for submitting feature requests: 

And here's the link for submitting a case (aka saying something doesn't work as expected): 

It's best to use those to ensure your requests and issues are seen by the staff.  (I keep them bookmarked.)