Importing Questions from excel with question level feedback

Mar 03, 2015


Is there a way to import questions from excel with question level feedback ?

I saw its possible to import question from excel with choice level feedback by separate each answer choice and its feedback with a pipe (|) but I don't find how to do this with question level feedback.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marie,

Do you mean include specific answer feedback or "feedback by answer" as it's written in the question interface?  All of the elements that you can include in a question import are detailed here. In an excel document you'll want to include:

  • For choice-level feedback, separate each answer choice and its feedback with a pipe (|).
    Example: Houston | Sorry, the capital of Texas is Austin.
P Colin

I am absolutely shocked and bewildered that Articulate has not caught on to this much needed feature. Been using the suite since 09. I have thousands of feedback questions at the question level to get into Storyline now.

While the question import features is awesome, it is not enough. 

This feature would save my team and I HOURS! :((( Surely this can't be asking for too much 4 years since John's response? Come on folks. Do this! 

Lauren Connelly

Hello P Colin!

I completely understand how frustrating and tedious it must be to add feedback questions manually. We need to hear how we can improve. I can assure you that we are listening and documenting all of the feature requests that are made. This specific feature hasn't made it to the top of the roadmap as we've prioritized other features and bug fixes. 

I've added your comments to our current report to continue tracking how many customers are impacted by this feature request.

Simon Buehring

I would also like to add my shock and astonishment that this feature has still not been added after 6 years. We are about to add hundreds of questions. We want to add them as question-level feedback, NOT option-level feedback.

Not having this feature will cost my team a lot of time that really should not be necessary.