Question Issue, Pick One and Pick Many

Sep 05, 2018


It clearly states in the user guide ( I can have a score and answer choices for the Pick One and Pick Many Questions; however, when I try to import the Excel document, I have a question format issue which states I can not. Am I missing something here?   I appreciate your help. I'm not having much luck with this program.

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MaryAnne Nestor

Good Morning Phil, Thanks for your help but the guide (see link above) specifically says, "If your pick-one question will be graded, mark the radio button for the right answer in the Correct column."  and "After creating a freeform pick-one question, you can customize several of its attributes, including shuffling of answer choices, feedback, branching, score, "

So I'm not understanding something. Is the user guide incorrect?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi MaryAnne,

You are correct, you can have Freeform questions that can be scored, however, Phil is also correct in that you cannot import Freeform questions. The Excel template is for form-based question types within Storyline, including the graded and survey questions.

The Pick One and Pick Many for the Excel template import are for survey questions.

If you take a look within Storyline, you will see that there is a Pick One and a Pick Many for both and you can certainly manually add a freeform question type that you wish to be graded.

I apologize for any confusion.

MaryAnne Nestor

Hey Leslie, that is confusing. From the user guide, the directions for form-based questions include multiple choice and multiple response.  Then, freeform-based questions are pick-one and pick many.  But, I'll take your word for it. Thank you for chiming in. I have hundreds of questions which is why the Excel sheet is so important to me. I was trying to drag and drop the answers but have since given up and used regular MC and MR.   

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