Question on Articulate Teams

Sep 29, 2022

Hello, My company is a learning solution provider where we bring in contractors to help our internal team scale. 

In order to collaborate with our contractors on the work they are performing for us, do they need to also have a Articulate Teams account or is the freelancer version enough and / or  do we need to add the contractor as a user on our Articulate Teams software? 


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Judy Nollet

Short answer: it depends. 

Longer answer: For Storyline work, the contractors could use their own licenses. You would need to figure out a good method for sharing and controlling versions. Note that they wouldn't have access to your Team slides/templates. But you could just give them a .story file with whatever they need. 

For Rise work, a contractor with their own license can develop something. But to share the source with you, they have to send you a copy of the Rise course. And if your team makes any changes, the team would have to send a copy of that version back to the contractor. So you have to be really careful about version control and scheduling who works on the course and when.