Question Settings with New Question Bank Draw


I created a number of quiz questions that utilize a shape as the submit button and removed the player submit button. However when I uploaded the questions to the question bank and then did a new draw, the questions automatically utilize the submit button and my shape no longer works. Is there a way to fix that?

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Ron Price

It looks like the questions in your bank were built differently than the ones in the first scene. For example, the ones in your bank do not even contain the OVAL as part of the slide  design. I rebuilt your bank by deleting all of the questions and re-importing them again into the bank from the first scene and everything works perfectly.

Karoline Keyworth


I just tried doing what you suggested and it still is not working. The question bank draw pulls up the question slide but it has the submit button included and the oval function does not work. Would you be able to walk me through how you did it. Perhaps I'm missing a step.