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Jul 22, 2020

I am creating a game and have some question slides that I added in. On my very first slide (not a question slide) I have game markers that I would like to change color depending on whether or not the question was answered correctly. How can I do this? I can't find a trigger that will "change the state of icon 1 to 'correct' if the state of ' correct' is selected on slide 1."  

I seem to only be able to do the above action when there's slide layers, not separate slides.


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Dave Cox

Hi Rachel, 

You can't change the state of an object on a slide that is not currently displayed from the side that is currently displayed.

You can however, change the value of a variable when the question is answered correctly, or incorrectly by setting the value of the variable when the correct or incorrect layers are selected. 

Then, you can use the value of that variable to set the state of the object on the first slide.

I've added an example of how this might be done for you to look at.

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