Question slide button states

Nov 24, 2014


Is there an easy way to change the transparency level and text color for a specific state of all quiz elements (e.g. the hover state of multiple choice answers) within the current project?

It looks like Storyline 2 does not let you set this in the theme colors, or in the Radio button format section.

I really hope there is a solution for this, since I am not really in the mood to set the hover states per answer per slide (my project has 200+ questions).




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Emily Ruby

Hello Sebastian,

Welcome to Heroes!

You can select a radio button within the quiz slide and right click to Save as default radio button, but the states will not carry over. If all of the slides are multiple choice, or the same questions type, you could create the states on a slide, then the use the "duplicate slide" option to copy the formats of the quiz slides over. 

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