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Hi There-

I am trying to set up tests so that a user would progress through each test (1-3 questions, 25 tests in the course) completely before being able to retake the test.  Initially, I had it set up so that you could only answer the question once.  But- when a use went back and tried to retake the test, they couldn't answer the question again.  I set it to unlimited tries and now the default is "That is incorrect.  Please try again."  This results in the user guessing again and again until they get the answer right...rather than reviewing the course content and retaking the test to answer with understanding.

What I would love to do is allow students to progress through the 1-3 question test and if they didn't score 100%, retake the test.   I don't want them to continue answering one question again and again.  Can you help me understand how the settings need to be?  (In regards to attempts in the scoring section.)


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Josh Uhlig


It sounds like you had it setup correctly to begin with.  The problem is, if you allow only one attempt at each question, then they will not be able to change their answer once submitted until they see the results to all 25 questions and click the "retry quiz" button (this assumes you have allowed that in your quiz settings).

Did you perhaps mean that you want the ability to have them retry the smaller 1-3 question test immediately rather than after all 25 questions are answered?  This might be possible by adding multiple quiz result slides.  Each smaller test would have a quiz result slide that would have the retry quiz option active.  You could then consolidate the results in one final quiz results slide (that references the score of each smaller tests).

Rachel Hoffman

That is exactly what I've done!  Great minds think alike!

I have 25 results slides and at the end of the test, those results slides feed into one big result slide so they can see the overall results.

The problem is in the little results.  How many attempts should I allow?  I hoped that when they click the "retake test" button the the result slide (the result slide for the 1-3 questions tests, not the overal result slide), they would be able to retake the test.  But- apparently, because I now have it set at 1 attempt, it does not reset and they cannot retake the test.  The previous answer appears and you can't change that answer.  Any ideas?

Rachel Hoffman

We have a winner!  This is bad news for me because I need to change 25 slides.  In my haste, I changed this trigger so that when a user clicks it, the user is taken to the beginning of that quiz.  THAT is why it's not resetting.  I'll create an additional trigger so it will do both.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!


Rachel Hoffman

Okay- I was so excited to find this...but this morning, as I'm testing this, it's not working.  Ugh.  I have set the "retry quiz" button with two triggers.  One resets the results slide and one takes the user back to the first question in that test.  When I answer a question incorrectly, it let's me know and allows me to continue through the test.  When I click "retry quiz", it takes me back to the first question in that quiz but as I navigate through the quiz, it does not allow me to change any answers.

Any ideas out there? 

Rachel Hoffman

Here's my attempt.  I copied the file and deleted everything but one section with questions and the other slides that show the totals.  Those results show at the very end of the course.  I would have posted the whole thing, but it was 1.02 gb. : /

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rachel and Josh!

Sorry for jumping in here, but I thought I'd share what I believe may be causing the issue. 

For your question slides, they are currently set to "Automatically Decide" on revisiting. They're not resetting, because they're saving the previously selected responses. However, if you change the settings to "Reset to initial state", your learners will be able to answer the questions again. 

You'll want to change this on both question slides:

I've tested this out on your quiz and it seems to be working pretty well. I've been able to take (pass and fail) the quiz multiple times now.

Can you take a look at the modified file I've attached and tell me if this works for you?


Rachel Hoffman

This is great, Christine.  Thank you!

BTW- the slide that adds up all the results is what I use for "checking course progress".  You'll notice that I put it on the right side of the pane so users can click on that at any time to see how far they have to go to finish the course.  I was going to send that to you in another thread.

Christine Hendrickson

Glad to hear that's working for you, Rachel!

You know what? I saw that and wondered if that was what we had discussed earlier. Nice job!

I really enjoyed this course, you did very well with this. I probably shouldn't mention that everyone around me is now singing the happy song.. but :D

Have a great day!