Question slides, base layer issues when button pressed

Feb 24, 2020

I'm having issues when a user has completed a question slide (in this case, text entry), and they're taken to the thanks layer, if they want to click the notes or annotate button (to load those layers), the base layer seems to reload and overlay the content on the thanks layer.

I can't hide all the contents on the base layer via the notes/annotate layers because users' may click those buttons at any time. I can't change the state of the content as it's text entry, and no way to hide those, nor should I need to. It's very frustrating that the base contents reload like this. I've tried so many different triggers, options etc that I'm stuck at what to try next.

I'm now currently hiding the buttons from the thanks layer for now, until I can come up with a fix to this. I'm not asking the base layer to load, just a layer from a layer.

Please see the attached.

Thank you.

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Blue Kearsley

Thanks Lauren, the trouble with amending the base objects from the notes layer is that when users' click notes when the slide has yet to be submitted, the items you've hidden, will then of course not display. This was part of the issue I was experiencing. They need to be able to add notes at any time.

I've since found a way around it, with some additional work.

  • I duplicated the 'notes' layer
  • Ensured all base layer objects were hidden in the new notes layer
  • Ensured both notes layer input fields were the same variable (i.e. notes02)
  • Added the notes button to the 'thanks' layer to link to the new notes layer

This isn't ideal, but because both input fields are the same variable, it's as though they're using the same layer. And because I've added a button on the thanks layer, I'm able to link to the new notes layer and prevent the base items from displaying. A very long winded process with the number of slides, and ensuring the right things were added in the right places. The master slide contains too many triggers (menu, swipe function for surface pro etc.), therefore not being able to add backgrounds to layers and effectively 'covering' up the base items. There needed to be transparency to see the background image (the client request).

Thank you for your help, I really do appreciate the lengths you've gone to try to resolve this! I'm sorry it's not a feasible workaround this time.

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