Question Submit not working correctly in HTML5

Hi all,
First, Happy New Year.
Here is a weird problem. Imagine a 10 multiple choice, multiple answer questions with 2 tries. Now remove the generic Submit button in favor of an on-screen custom Submit button. When published for both Flash and HTML5, runs fine in Flash. When run in HTML5, the first few questions work fine and then suddenly the 2nd try on a question the Submit button doesn't work. If I rebuild the slide from scratch, no change. However if I copy an earlier question and paste and edit the content for the current question, when published it now works in HTML5.  Any clues?  (And using the default submit button is not an option).

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Russell Lash

Hi Phil
We are using Storyline 2 because we can't use the Responsive player of Storyline 360. The NOTES and screen content must both be visible at the same time, which is not possible on an iPad with the Responsive Player (at least not at this time).
And yes, it is consistent across browsers and PC, Mac and iPad.
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Jackie Waskewicz

Hello, I am wondering if an issue we are seeing is a part of this issue as well? We are finding an issue in our Storyline 360 courses, published out with HTML5 for mobile. We have three questions total. The first is a T/F (works fine), the second is a multiple choice and the third is a select all (works fine). The multiple choice question seems to be the issue. I've rebuilt it, I've re-ordered it, but every time the course gets to the multiple choice question, we click Submit and nothing happens. The feedback does not appear and it does not appear to submit or let you move forward. If you exit the course and resume, the course picks up at the next question. If you add the seekbar and replay you can fudge your way past it to the next question, but I can't figure out why this question type is causing an issue. The issue is only seen on mobile. We are trying to scrub now to test on the cloud.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jackie,

I'd love to take a look at your file to test.

The issue Leslie mentioned earlier was in Storyline 2, and specific to using a custom submit button and custom feedback layers. Does that sound like your set up too? 

You mentioned it's only on mobile, so I wanted to confirm if the HTML5 output on a desktop/laptop is working normally? If so, can you share a bit more about the mobile devices and browsers you're using? 

When you're ready to share that stripped down version of your file you can always upload here using the Add Attachment button, and we'll take a look! 

Jackie Waskewicz

Yes, it may be different. We were previously using custom buttons, however those have been removed. The course is published using HTML5 only and works fine on laptop/desktop using both IE and Chrome. For mobile, we're having to use a mobile player that is provided by our LMS (which is where the issue may be). My problem is I can't seem to run a debug on the mobile device out of the SL file or using the LMS player (still working on that with our IT and LMS contacts). I've run just question slides through the player and a test course with questions through the player and it has worked fine, so I'm thinking it is something with this course or the question itself. There is some audio captioning that can't be fully scrubbed, but is okay to pass along as it's not public so I've opened opened case number 01410251 . 

AShea McCall

I'm having a similar issue as Jackie, but on a sequence drag and drop. It's the ONLY question in the course that isn't working on 2nd incorrect attempt (no incorrect feedback appears). We've built the course in 360 and the question is set to 2 attempts. The triggers are set up appropriately from what I can tell. The question DOES work correctly on the 2nd attempt if the 2nd attempt is correct (the correct layer shows). It's only if you get the answer incorrect twice, the Incorrect layer doesn't appear. This is happening even in preview. Please help! I've copied the slide over and removed my client's information. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi AShea,

It looks like its stuck based on your custom incorrect layer. I didn't see anything odd about how the layer looked - but I could see that you were using the built-in correct and try again layers, but the incorrect one references a "custom" one which would show if there was a trigger to display it.

I suspect you added in a custom layer to include your correct answers, but you can easily customize all the aspects of the built-in Incorrect layer to include those things.

Take a look at the changes I made to your attached file. 

AShea McCall

All of my feedback layers are custom, including the correct and try again, with the exception (obviously) of the text I added directly onto the incorrect feedback layer. I made those custom feedback in the masters and I use those same custom feedback boxes in other places throughout the course with no issue, including the addition of the text on the incorrect feedback layer. I'd actually rebuilt the slide and used just the SL default feedback and the submit button still wouldn't work. However I think I figured it out -- I just opened your file and appears to be because I am hiding the sequencing interaction on the base layer when viewing the incorrect feedback layer. If I make the interaction visible behind the feedback box, it works. If I hide it, the button breaks. This seems like a bug. Either way, I ended up just rebuilding with custom drag items and custom drop zones so I can get the effect I want (with the learners answers hidden and the correct answers visible). Thanks.