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Aug 09, 2013

Is there a built in variable in Storyline that shows the status of an answered question as either correct (true) or incorrect (false). I'm trying to build some customer feedback on a text entry question for when the user reviews a test. The correct text entry for this particular question is Client and everything works fine if the user submits the answer by either hitting the enter key, or clicking the submit button. Storyline knows that the question is correct during review because the green correct bar shows up at the bottom of the slide.

However, if i try to put in a custom condition based on the value of the text entry field, my positive feedback only works when the user types Client and clicks the submit button. If they type Client and press the enter key, testing for textEntry1 equal to Client returns false because i assume that the enter key is now part of the textEntry1 field. Any ideas are appreciated!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mark! I wanted to welcome you to E-Learning Heroes! There is a tutorial here about text entry fields.  Sounds like you are trying to do something a bit more customized? I'm not sure that I understand why the standard feedback is not what you are looking for. If you could explain your goal a bit more and perhaps share your .story file, I'm sure that would be helpful. Thanks!

Mark Stauffer

Thanks for your response Leslie. I've been very impressed with SL and have been trying for months now to promote it and to get it purchased as our go to product for the development of online software training. I'm in the process of building a proof of concept piece where the user watches a youtube training video, and then takes a short 4 question assessment. In the piece i was using the Atsumi character to walk the user through the assessment. I wanted to customize the feedback portion so that the Atsumi character displays either a positive or negative look based on the questions result.

I figured that maybe there was a built in variable that could be used that would be true if the question was answered correct or false if the question was answered incorrectly. But I wasn't able to find one. So my next thought was that I'd build my own variable on the text entry field question and set it to true if the user typed in the correct response. However, since pressing the Enter key after the text entry, works by default on this type of question, the value of textEntry1 is different depending on whether the user presses the Enter key or if they instead click the Submit button. I'm attaching the file. The assessment section is in the video 1 scene. 

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