Question won't work - any help?

Jan 05, 2017

Dear community,

Thank you for your continued support as I stumble my way through learning a new program and career.  I had set up a branching scenario. Yeah. I thought.  The questions before the scenario, work.  Then the first two questions ( in normal format 1.4 and 1.12) will not accept an answer while in FULL preview or when uploaded. When you review the question by itself, it works.  Some of the questions after that seem to work when they are in different format. Any thoughts?  I have looked and they seem to be set up the same. Is this a problem with branching scenarios?  I am trying to make all my future modules with branching scenarios.


Thanks for your help,


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Tracy Parish

Hi Tamarah

I guess I'm either not experiencing the same issue, or can't find the issue you speak of.

I did a full preview of the course and thought at first 1.8 was not working, then realized I had to wait for the audio to finish playing before the check boxes appeared.

I jumped to 1.4 and 1.12 and they functioned okay for me.

One thing you can try it to create a new course and import all the slides into it.  Sometimes I've had bizarre glitches that this does fix.

Feel free to explain further what exactly you are experiencing and on what slides, I might just be missing the error you are seeing.

Tracy Parish

I'm not sure this is it, because I can get it to take my answer and let me click submit.  But 1.4 has a next button and a submit button.

Submit takes me to correct/incorrect and on each of these there is a trigger to take me to the next slide 1.5, but you also have a next button that jumps me (if I click it) to 1.12.  You might have added this just for your testing development purposes.

1.12 also allows me to enter in an answer.  Odd I'm not having the issues you are experiencing with the file.

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