Navigation not working

Hi, I have a lesson I've developed with a branching scenario.

Menu of 3 scenarios

Choose a scenario, go to screen.

Answer question. Click submit.

Feedback layer appears asking if you want to choose another scenario or continue on to next scene.

What is supposed to happen when a user clicks on the submit button is that a feedback popup layer will appear, asking them if they want to Continue to next screen (leaving the scenario branching) or Choose another scenario (back to scenario menu). The triggers in the code indicate that this is what is supposed to be happening.

Unfortunately, the screen seems to ignore this direction. What is happening is that even though there are no triggers set this way, once you click Submit, you are automatically taken to the next scenario screen, ignoring the feedback popup layer.

I am not using the player Submit button but a custom button -- but if I use the player, it still does this.

This issue seems to come up when the storyline player becomes corrupted (see post: Help: Available Memory Is Low Error Appearing. When this does come up, I have to rebuild the screens again.

This unstable situation is making 3x the work to get something finished because the screens will work for a while and then suddenly stop working... causing me to create a new lesson, re-import the slides, and rebuild these screens (because they won't stop working this way). HELP!

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