Questionnaire with texts - print problems

Apr 10, 2024

Dear community,

I included a questionnaire into  a course, which should give my students the opportunity to fill in their thoughts. This means, the included answers might be longer than the field which appears on screen. Since the students should use this form to document their thoughts, I want the slide to be printable. But: including the print-trigger, the printout only features the words which are actually seeable on screen. The rest is cut off. And: since I only can include max. 4-5 questions on a slide, the printout is way too big on the paper. Is there a way (maybe using Java) to solve these problems? 

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Verena Mogl, Netzwerk 4.0

Dear Ron, thanks for your quick feedback! And this helps - but it's not optimal.. the students will have even more things to print out then, and it also might be a bit confusing with the two printouts. Hm. But if there is no other option at hand, I am glad to follow your example! So, thanks again!