I have just published my eLearning training. I included two options in the certificate page, "email to" and "print". The email to will send an empty email that doesn't have the certificate page in it. The print option only prints the transcript like the quiz questions with results but not the certificate page. Is there a way to fix this. I need the students to be able to either print their certificates of complesion or be able to send it to their email. I even included my email in the software before publishing for the certificates to be sent to me but it doens't work. 

Please help. That is seriously urgent.


Thank you 

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Phil Mayor

There is no certificate function in Storyline and the email trigger will just open a new window for those who have an email client installed.

There is no option to email the quiz transcript, this is something that would need at the very least javascript but more likely server side scripting as well.