Questions about Recording options.

I am trying to use Recording options of Screen recordings.

When I see recording view there is a control box under the outline of the area to record.

In the control, I could find 'Move new windows into recording area' and 'System tray icon' in Recording options.

I couldn't figure out how these options work eventhough I check Tutorials and manual book.

Plz, let me know.

Thank you

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dongyup,

Those two elements are described in this tutorial here:

  • Move new windows into recording area:  If you will be recording a software demonstration or a program that includes multiple windows, you may want to select this checkbox to ensure that each window is properly captured within the recording area.
  • System tray icon:  Select this checkbox if you want a Storyline icon to be displayed in your system tray while you are recording.  If you need to record your system tray and you would prefer not to see the Storyline icon in your screencast, deselect this checkbox.  Tip:  If you choose to display the Storyline icon in your system tray, you can simply double-click it when you have finished recording in order to stop the recording process and close the recording window.  Then you will be presented with options for naming, previewing, and inserting the recording into your story.
Dongyup Han

Thank you, Ashley Terwillinger.

Actually, I had checked the tutorial first before I questioned.

It can be my English understanding problem, but I don't get what the turorial means.

I tried to check 'Move new windows into recording area' by using some programs at the same time without checking  'Move new windows into recording area' button. However I could record all the processes I demonstrated.

Don't I understand the meaning of multiple windows? It is confussing for me.

About 'System tray icon', I also can't understand what system tray  is  and where Storylinne icon  is.

I disselected the checkbox but I didn't see any differences when I tried.

Would you explain it?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dongyup,

For the System tray icon, it's referring to the small icon that would appear at the bottom of your computer screen when Storyline is open. If you're recording the full screen and capturing elements such as the task bar or system tray, you may not want to include the Storyline icon such as below:

 For the option to move new windows into recording area, you'll only see this behavior if you're not recording a full screen and you're opening new windows or pop ups. Say as an example you're conducting a screen recording in the bottom right corner of your screen (let's say it's  1/4 of the screen). As a part of that recording you choose to open a new window, either by clicking on something within that recording area or an icon on your task bar. Normally this new window would open directly in the middle of your full screen, and you would then have to drag it into the recording area. If you used this option, the new window would open inside the middle of your recording area so that you don't have to drag the window into view.