Questions Regarding a Very Large Branching Scenario

Aug 07, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I'm still a novice when it comes to Storyline so I thought I would ask the experts my questions 

I am currently in the process of creating a rather large branching scenario.  My users will be able to select from 4 different business related scenarios.  Within each of the 4 scenarios, there are also multiple branching sections.  Needless to course is going to be HUGE.  I have attached 1 of the scenarios within my course to this post so you can get a feel for it.

I created the 4 scenarios in 4 separate Articulate "Stories" (courses) because I was afraid that the program wouldn't be able to handle the amount of images, audio files, etc.  I created a large linear course in the past within Storyline and ran into issues with it freezing/crashing.

My Questions:

1) Does anyone know if there is a limit (size-wise) to what Storyline can handle? 

2) Is there a way to bundle my 4 courses into 1, but still keep them separate?  Or maybe link to another slide on another course?

3) Any other tips you can provide for creating a very large branching scenarios? 

4) Do you think I should just put all 4 scenarios within the same "Story"?

Thank you!

Julie Holland

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Bruce Graham

Hi Julie!

SL should be able to handle this with no real worries. If you are getting performance issues it may be the PC rather than SL itself.

Here's one I did a while ago, and there are more branches and nested branches above and below - and SL found it a breeze.

Always best to keep backup copies though


Julie Holland

Thank you so much fo the quick response back Bruce!  I really appreciate it.  You put my mind at ease after seeing your course.  I will save all the copies separately just in case like you suggested. 

I'll send you a screenshot of my final layout within Articulate Storyline.  Should be a doozie!

Thanks again!


Julie Holland

Hi Bruce,

As promised - here is a screenshot (below) of my huge branching scenario in Storyline.  I couldn't take a screenshot of all of it cause it was too big to fit on the screen...even zoomed out all the way.  There are two other branches that are just as big as these two that are shown.

I'm looking forward to this project being over...  ha ha!


Tom Kuhlmann

@Julie: one of the things that people tend to do it create too many slides for their scenarios, usually because we tend to link to slides rather than fully leveraging layers. However, sometimes you don't realize this until after it's built. That's OK. That's how we learn.

If you're just getting started I'd try to create a scenario structure that's somewhat reusable. Then it's easier to repeat the process. Of course, this all hinges on the content. I think Nicole created a nice template that somewhat demonstrates this. It's worth downloading and deconstructing how it was created.

Hope that helps.

Frances Jones

Hi there, I am just starting a branching scenario game which is a medical case, where the user can go make correct and incorrect choices in their management of a complex medical case.   To map out the decision points we have ended up with a map (developed using Twine, which is brilliant) that has 7 interconnecting branches, each branch containing 60-70 decision points/slides.  So a potential total of 490 slides and or layers altogether.    It is going to contain still images, and audio/sound effects.  I know that this is going to take a huge amount of development time, but my big question is: is this just too big a project for Storyline?   Any tips before I commence development, especially in regards to file size, or things to look out for?  Appreciate all your combined wisdoms!!!

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