Questions with options that can be correct in more than one place.

Jun 11, 2015

Hi all,

I am having difficulty in getting a freeform drag and drop option to give correct/incorrect feedback. The question is set up with 3 checkmarks and 2 crosses that need to go into the right place. Given there are numerous correct ways that users could drop the items, based on the order of where they placed them, how can I get the feedback to display correctly? I have attempted trying to use variables, but can't quite get my head around the right way to input them. I have attached the question. Hope someone can assist.

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Chris Cole

Hi Marcel.

This type of drag and drop (several identical drag objects) is tricky because you have to account for so many possibilities. Just one example (of many such issues) is what happens if the learner drags an item OFF of the drop target? There is no event triggered that you can use to adjust your variables.

A far simpler and just as effective solution would be to use clicks instead of drag and drop. Maybe have the learner click a white box once to change its state to an X, click again and change its state to a tick mark. On submit, just check the states of the objects?

Any variation using clicks would be easier to manage than the DnD in my opinion.



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