questionslide with multiple attempts and custom submit button bug

Hai there,

I just ran into this thing from which i presume its a bug.

When i create a multiple choice question-slide. then in Formview, under "multiple attempts" i enter 5 attempts and close Formview. Storyline wil generate feedback layers in Slideview. Then i want to create my own submit-button. i drag in a normal button on the question slide and give it a trigger "submit interaction multiple choice when the user clicks". So far so good.

When i publish my course and open the story.html (flash-version) all works fine. i get 5 attempts to answer the question correctly. but when i open the story_html5.html the question slide jams after the first "try again" feedback. I can not use my custom submit-button anymore, i wil not respond.

Has anybody ran into this problem? it only appears in html-version and thats just what i want to use for a cliënt... 

(publish settings are: web, include html5 and i use chrome to check the course)

please help!


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Richard Werkhoven

Here you go... the file.

I just took a closer look and i think the problem is my custom button in the "try again" feedback layer. Though this custom button does not have any triggers attached to it, if i delete it and publish it, the html5 version works fine... how is this possible?

Again: Hope you can help. thank you!

Christie Pollick

Hi, Richard -- Thanks so much for sharing your file, and I experienced the same behavior you described when I tested for HTML5 here and without here. If you'd like to give James' suggestion a try, please let us know if that does the trick for you but as I am not certain what other adjustments to suggest to remedy this behavior, I'd like to recommend that our Support Engineers weigh in. Please let me know if you'd like to to submit a support case on your behalf and I will be happy to do so! :)

Richard Werkhoven

Hi there Christie, thanx for your reply.

So you experienced the same behaviour. At least it does aknowledge the bug. It is, on the other hand, for my project a downer because my client wants a perfectly working html5 e-learning production and in line with these corporate design guidelines.  So i need a custom button to work. I cannot (suggested by James) force a 8000+ users to adjust browser-settings. just isn't possible. Publish for flash is neither an option, (tablets etc...) So, as proposed by you; Please let your Support Engineers in on this discussion? I hope they can help me?

thank you so much for the quick responses!!

James Snider

Unfortunately, HTML5 is still very much a work in progress. Combining HTML, Java, and DHTML into one standard has kicked the rears of many browsers. You may have to educate the client a bit that most browsers do not fully, or even nominally as in the case of IE, support HTML5 functionality at this point. It sounds fun and hip when read in an article, but in reality from a coding standpoint it's far from a finished standard and still quite limited. Chrome is ahead of the game, but not even it supports it all. SL can output the standard all day long, but until the browser world catches up it's to no avail. You can do HTML5, but the client will have to understand that some functionality just isn't ready and that's a browser-readiness issue.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Richard -- Thanks so much for your reply and I'd be happy to take care of creating the ticket momentarily. Without sharing your actual email address here (in order to protect your privacy), please confirm which email address you would like to use, as we appear to have one that is a Gmail account and one ends in .biz. Please let me know which, and I'll submit a ticket shortly thereafter. 

Or, if you would prefer, here is the form you would need to create your support case -- the choice is yours! :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Richard -- Ok, so your ticket #00734524 is now in our system and you should be receiving a confirmation email in just a minute or so. If for some reason you do not receive it in roughly the next 5-10 minutes, please check your SPAM or junk folder. Otherwise, I will be sure to monitor the progress being made on your case and will share relevant updates here in the forum for others following along. :)

Christie Pollick

UPDATE as of 2/10/16 on Richard's case for anyone who may be following along and was hoping to hear the resolution reached by our Support staff:

"Hi Richard, Your project works just fine. It lets me loop through the retry 5 times. Here is a link to the project output: 

I added a trigger in the Incorrect layer to hide the custom button to make it easier for you to know that all your attempts has been used up. Attached is the modified version of your project. Let me know if you have any questions."