Creating a Quiz submit button is disabled

Aug 30, 2014

Hello All,

I have a question when creating a Quiz. I have created a "try again" and "correct" slides in a multiple choice slide for a quiz. I have selected unlimited attempts and I have only 3 choices for one question. When I click the submit button in the wrong choice I am getting the "try again" slide which is correct but the submit button in the multiple choice slide when is displayed is disabled. How can I make the submit button enabled to select another choice? I have attached a screenshot.

I tried to follow the steps for "customizing the try again and correct slide layouts"

Thank you for your help!


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Gabriela  Hernandez

Hi Emily,

Is good to know though when the user clicks the submit button and the answer is incorrect to keep trying until he/she finds the right choice.

I attached the .story file however when I clicked the button in green for "verify answer" my message was gone.

This is my first demo in storyline and I am very interested in becoming an expert in the use of articulate storyline. I also was wondering if with Articulate Storyline I can design embedded tutorials using Articulate Engage.

Thank you very much!

Gabriela :o)

Emily Ruby

Hello Gabriella,

You can attach the file with the paperclip icon, and then click Post your reply. You do not need to click "verify answer" to get it to post.

When you are in the quiz slide properties, "edit multiple choice" set the attempts to unlimited. When the Try again feedback pops up, you will need to click the "try again" button within the feedback to go back to the question. if you did make a custom feedback, it would be best to look at it directly to make sure it is set up correctly.

Here is a tutorial on using Engage 09 interactions in Storyline.

Let me know if this helps.

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