Quick states question

Jul 27, 2016

Hopefully you fine people can help me with an itty bitty problem.

Is it possible to have a trigger change the state of about 20 things without having about 20 triggers attached or doing a slide reset?

See the attached slide, show all works fine but if you've clicked any on the base layer, then show all, then hide all, the best I can get it to do is hide the layer which still shows whatever was clicked before. If I do a separate hidden layer it has the same problem 1 or 2 clicks later.

If possible I'd rather not have to set two triggers for each bit to reset them off one object but it seems that's the only way?

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Bruce French

Thanks but that's the same problem, what I mean is, say you click a couple of the icons for eyes ears brain, then you click show all. If you click hide all after that the icons that were originally clicked are still showing. I cant just do a slide reset because of the transitions into the slide will play again.

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