Quick way to control course navigation?

Aug 08, 2013

I am a new Storyline user working on a course on Consumer Protection Laws and Regulations that I’ve converted from PowerPoint. It’s over 100 slides and can’t be broken up into separate courses. I’m inserting questions (including drag and drop interactions with pictures) to spice it up a bit, but at this point it necessarily has to remain a very basic and linear “page turner” course.

There’s a lot of content and I want to make sure people have time to read it before proceeding, so I have set it up to move to a certain slide (either the next slide or a question slide) when the user clicks the Next button. I have also restricted the menu navigation in the player to ensure they move in order through the course and the knowledge checks for each section.

When I preview the entire project, I can click rapidly through all the slides without even having all the animated bullets play out. This is great for me, as a developer, but naturally I don’t want users to do this. Short of customizing the timeline for every slide, is there a quick trick for setting up the course to ensure users view an entire slide before proceeding to the next one? (I took a look at the trigger conditions, but let’s just say you lost me at Hello!)

Many thanks!

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Chance Hunter

Set up a true/false variable called something like SlideComplete and set it to false. Then go into your Slide Master and add triggers to set it to false when the timeline starts, and then to true when the timeline ends.  (Doing this in the Slide Master saves you from having to do this for every slide.)

Then add a condition to the Next trigger on each slide so that it won't work unless SlideComplete is true.

This is the quickest way I've found to do this so far. I wish this was just a checkbox option somewhere and not so much work. 

Norma Miller

Hi Chance,

Thanks so much for sharing your ideas. I do have a couple of questions.

Do I set up the variable and adjust the Slide Master in PowerPoint, and then do the rest in Storyline? Or is there a way to do it all in Storyline? (If there isn't, I will need to re-import the slides.)

[[[[[[[[[[**NEVER MIND - JUST FOUND IT IN CONDITIONS** I will keep at it.]]]]]]]]

I've never set up a variable, so I'm not sure how to go about it. If you could get me started, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks again!

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